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These centuries old, carefully guarded, secretive formulas, were first developed for the personnal well being and health of the King and Queen of China, by their own personnal physician, the very grand fore- father, of the MORSENG family, during the 16th century. Although centuries have since passed and modern medicines have emerged and developed, MORSENG herb medicines have withstood the test of time.

They have continually provided alternative medicine to traditional care, and are currently in the fore front of prevention, improvement, and in some cases permanent cure to some of the most common and sometimes deadly diseases in the modern world today.

It would be inconceivable to think that the King and Queen of China would not house the very best physician and medicinal services available. Therefore one can only reach their own conclusions as these are the very medicines handed down century after century. More important, if the medicine did not show positive result, they would have been discarded and then outlawed rather than continue being handed down from generation to generation in a very secretive and closely guarded format.
Further, if the product is good and people attest to its benefits, it would be reasonable to believe the company supplying such a product would eventually expand as demand improved. The facts are MORSENG Chinese-Thai herb medicines have expanded from a small obscure family business, established only 9 years ago, into a multi-billion TBHT business, with some 970 commercial outlets serviced by a 2.3 billion TBHT manufacturing plant, in Thailand alone. How would this be possible if continued use and demand did not exist?

It is a fact the world of today is slowly but surely realising the powers of ancient Chinese and Thai herbs. Also the majority of the adult population is beginning to realise, that preventative care and treatment of ailments via a natural source, far outweigh the alternatives of becoming ill, then having to rely on prescription drugs, for a long period of time. This is of course, provided the natural product has a history of success.
This is the very asset that MORSENG herb medicines provide, a 400 year history from royalty in China to the poorest of people in South East Asia today. It is simply heart-warming to attend a MORSENG product presentation and witness. So many people prepared to stand up, talk about their personnel ailments, then attest to their vast improvements and sometimes complete cure, using MORSENG herb medicines.
Their exists so many varied testaments to such a wide variety of complaints, that describing them all would become almost impossible. However, it is extremely important to mention some of the most common and potentially dangerous ailments. These testaments embraced include
    (A) Prostate enlargement (B) Blood pressure and blockage (C) Various blood disease (D) Alzheimer’s and memory loss (E) Liver and kidney complaints (H) Diabetes and Gout complaints (I) Bad body odour including, bad breath, inner body odour including vagina, womb, and uterus. Outer body including, arms and feet. (J) Total improvement in skin tone.      
The testaments of success are so abundant and so varied. They have to be taken on face value as being true and correct,.particularly when hunreds of thousands of Thai people have been using these medicines over a nine year period, and continue to do so.

MORSENG Chinese Thai herb medicines will provide a guarantee that all ingredients are of a non toxic and non steroid base and only the finest of herbs and natural products are used in every product.
·  Prostate Cancer
·  Alzheimer's Disease
·  Parkinson's Disease
·  Cirrhosis Of Liver
·  Diabetes @ Gout

·  Uterus Cancer

·  Thrush @ Vaginal Smell

·  Facial @ Skin Disorders

·  Menstruation Problems

·  Arthritic Complaints

Agent Member earn 10%  to 30% per month  CASH or 120% to 360% per year on $US 5,900 (Five Thousand Nine Hundred Dollars)
Agent Member
Ideal for retirees involved in sporting clubs or social clubs throughout their  country
earn 10% to 30% cash return per month or 120% to 360% per year on outlay of $us 5,900 (five thous , nine hundred us dollars) to purchase product stock. or form small partnerships between 2 or 3 retirees  $us 2,000 or $us 3,000 and work togeather creating added income, meeting new people, without effecting your retirement benefits, as all information of Agent Member s is strictly confidential.

 International MORSENG, the ancient Chinese Thai herb medicine selling company, now offer worldwide, persons to become Agent Member s in their own country.  This opportunity is open to people prepared to sell, these unique products, that have been commercialized for a period of 10 years throughout Thailand, and have been attested by hundreds of thousands of Thai residents during this period of time.  This situation completely dispells any fear of authenticity of the products powers and any side effects.  The current success rate of sales people, speaking to fellow national persons, sits in excess of 55% and the usage is of a similar rate and higher.  Therefore, an investment of approximate US$5,900 per agent/member, should see a minimum return of 10% per month rising to 30% per month  CASH depending on how many hours an agent works and their ability to sell.

Attention all potential Agent / Members.
If you are an interested party, in joining our successfull sales program, we will provide a complete confidential, non commital conference, via skype communication, with a sales person, of your own nationality. During this conference, you are welcome to ask, and have answered, any enquiry, or question, that pertains to the Agent / Member participation.


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