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Morseng herbs Delivery in Vientiane ,Laos สุนจำหน่าย สะหมุนไพ หมอเส็ง เวียงจัน สปปลาว บอลิกานส่งเภิงที่ พายใน นะคอนหลวง เวียงจัน พิเสด รับสะมาชิก ตัวแทนจำหน่าย ลายได้ดี Tel856 20 5996 2888 ; 2996 2888 ; 2222 8597

Morseng branded herbal products are 100% herbal without alcohol. No steroid. Factory standard(GMP).Women's menstruation is not normal, not tighten,Mantle,Deodorant.Get rid of toxins in the networking (MLM) is a real possibility for the future. Financial independence and full time.

Morseng branded herbal products are 100% herbal without alcohol. No steroid. Factory standard(GMP).Women's menstruation is not normal, not tighten,Mantle,Deodorant.Get rid of toxins in the networking (MLM) is a real possibility for the future. Financial independence and full time.

  [1] Morseng Herbal Supplement No. 2 and capsule.

Indications : use for balancing the body for all age and both sex.
Health Supplementary No2 promotes balance of the body. Suitable for all age and gender.
               Aged people with poor health, weakness,depression,dizziness,haggard body and no appetite will be in better condition and relief from the symptom when take the supplementary continuously for 7 day.                                                                
               Women with hypertension, dizziness, tiredness, weakness, suffocation, depression, cold hands and feet, bloated stomach and insomnia will be in better condition and relief from the symptom when take the supplementary continuously for 7 days.           
               Brain symptom caused by hypertension, accident, contracted blood vessel in brain which brings dizziness, trouble with walking and speaking, weak hands and feet, pale face and drowsiness will be relieved when take supplementary continuously for 15 days.
               Person with chronic gouty symptom, high uric in blood and rheumatism which will get worse when consume food with high purine or walk a lot, will be relieved from the symptom when uric acid in blood is reduced.
               The supplementary can reduce fat, uric acid in blood, diabetes symptom, stress and allergy. Also acting like detoxicant agent, when take the supplementary continuously for month it can reduce the problem with blood and blood flow, prevent premature aged, shabby muscle, give warmth to the body and give strength to the body and bone. Only one bottle can bring the different to your health.

 [2] Body Health Tonic No.2 [Red box] Mor Seng
 This is special medicine, having seven times of power more than Health Tonic No.2 [Yellow box].
 Its features are ;

               1.After drinking, your skin will be beautiful, glow, finer
                                   (after drinking, your skin will look good)
                                2.This is the drug for enhancing your brain to be strong;
                                    either ischemic brain disease, stroke, paralysis,weak brain
                                    Alzheimer, Parkinson’s disease, dull and dizzy, slow-
                                    function brain, causing slow walking, unsteady walking,
                                    staggering, walking like person having no strength, tired
                                    body, weak legs.
                                3.It helps regarding Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy frequent
                                   urinating, urinating with difficulty or unable to urinate
                                4.The drug can help regarding liver; severe hepatitis or severe
                                    hepatitis or severe cirrhosis, causes of fatigue, pale, no
                                    good appetite, when heaving food, feeling suffered from
                                    colic at xiphoid cartilage, urinating with bad and strong
                                    odor, pain or having sudden sensation at right costal.
                                5.Red box tonic is the drug that could be drunk by every
                                   sex and age whoever has very worn-out or weak body;
                                   after general curing, your symptom is not better; if you use
                                   red box tonic for only one week, you will notice that you
                                   body is greatly stronger.

  ** Red Box Tonic is not like general tonic in the market, as Red Box Tonic,
       after use, its result is seen clearly.

  [3] Wan Chuck Mod Luke Tonic Juice Formula 1
Best of Thai herb, for firmness ion vagina and uterus, for good hygienic in vagina, anti uterus deformation or shrinking, pain in uterus, providing firmness for all parts of women body.

[4] Wan Chuck Mod Luke Tonic Juice Formula 2

           Tonic for body strength and good health, good for uterus after pregnancy, alleviate burn sensation in vagina, antileucorrhoea,  dysmenorrhoea, amenorrhoea, skin moisturizing
            Value of Wan Chuck Mod Luke divided into 2 parts :  Part 1 use for good hygienic of internal organs of women

Part 1 Herb for good hygienic of internal organs of women
  1.for malformation of uterus, uterus hyperplasia, thinning of uterus,
    Pain in uterus
  2.tenderness in uterus
  3.severe dysmenorrhea during menstruation
  4.prevent abortion or bleeding during pregnancy
  5.decrease chronic leukorrhea
  6.stop bad odor in vagina
  7.provide warmness for body, coldness in hands and legs, coldness in chest
  8.decrease pain for women during sexual intercourse

                   Part 2 Herb used for supplements for women good health
                     1.Moisturizing skin and soften skin
                     2.anti wrinkle for skin after pregnancy
                     3.provide firmness for vagina both external and internal revitalization
                     4.increase libido in women
                     5.moisturizing, increase mucous secretion for menopause women during sexual intercourse
                     6.good for lactating period after pregnancy  

[5] KAMIN SHUN Juice and Capsule
       Indications : use for detoxifying, gastritis, antiflatulance, gas repellant,

                                 1.Bad breath, saliva, breathing, nose and  sinus,
                                    bad odor repellant, bad odor can  be reduced to 80%
                                    [ effective in 3 days ]
                                 2.Bad odor from body and feet, from  wearing shoes,
                                    bad odor can be reduced  to 80% [ effective in 5 days ]
                                 3.Bad odor from internal organs, vagina, under arms, bad  odor can  be reduced  to 90%  [ effective in 5-7 days ]
                                4.Bad odor from aging people, or bad odor from acid  reaction on skin can  be reduced [ effective in 3 days ] 

 [6] Wan Chuck Mod Luke No.2 Capsule [whitening agent for face ]
         Indications : Revitalizing (To put new strength) and balancing dark face,

                              wrinkle, dry, oily, melanin caused by sun burn, wind,
                              hormone or birth control pill, providing whiter and
                              smoother face, anti wrinkle, provide firmness to skin,
                              smoothness, moisturizing, firmness, for firmness in breasts,
                              cure from internal to external of the body 

NOTE : When the face and skin get brighter and smoother, should not stop the     medication until the blemish were remove from face and skin


Indication : concentrated with herbs over 61 types, increase libido in men, increase sperm formation, prolong erection and time of ejaculation, tonic for fatigue, pain, numb backache, neck pain, knee pain, for gouty arthritis, rheumatism, chronic rheumatoid arthritis, anemia, dizziness, faint.

 [8] Wan Chuck Mod Luke Formula 2 [pink box]
Quality : Reduce blemish on face, wrinkle, dryness, oiliness, firm the skin and breast. The medicine dose not cure only external sign but cure from the inside, so the blemish will not occur again easily.

[9] Supplement PLUA KAO with REISHI mushroom
Indications : use for
                           - Blood tonic, increase blood circulation,
  anti melanin formation Increase skin firmness anti – wrinkle- Best for dry skin, moisturizing, increase
   local blood circulation to skin
                          - Provide warmness all parts of body
                          - Strengthen body and bone, musclepain, numbness
                          - Best for women suffering from chronic leucorrhea 

         [10] WOMEN TONIC No.2
Wan Chuck Mod Luke with herbs as tonic for women for providing firmness to uterus and moisturizing vaginal mucous membrane.

[11] BODY TONIC No.2 Capsule [Fat burner]

Indicate : Hot tonic for burning fat and promoting the metabolism of the body, provide warmness to body. Then fat all over the body will be reduce as well as the weight the body reduce too. The supplementary has no side effect whether it is diarrhea, palpitation, dizziness, headache or insomnia.
No Side Effect  :  no diarrhea, no palpitation, no dizziness, no headache, no stress or insomnia.

Indication : This tonic is traditional medications   from  Thai  herb  for reducing flatulence, dizziness, bloated stomach and nourish the heart.

[13] Medicine for Hemorrhoids Pain Relief 

Properties – good for people with  chronic constipation and irregular bowel movements (bleeding, bright red blood)

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